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Sebastian. A wider path began▓ where we rejoined th
Welcome to Astonish
Parallax Backgrounds, Onscroll Animations, 800+ Icons, Retina Ready,
4 Slider Options, Premium Plugins, One Page and Multi Page Layouts
and so much more.

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About Us

Astonish is a multi-purpose theme that can be used for a wide variety of uses. It has clean lines and a unique design that is sure to catch every visitors eye!

Fully Customizable

ine caravan returning fr▓om some village off to the southwest.Burde▓ned with huge pack

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saddles, the horses▓ began the perilous descent reluctantly.▓ Suddenly three of them lost their footing, sat?/p>

Retina Ready

?down on their haunches, and rolled over and ov▓er, their packs flying in every● direction.James laughe

Over 800+ Icons

d loudly ●and slapped me on the back.The blow disturbed m▓y equilibrium.My feet shot from under me,● and, slipping, sliding, rolling,

Unlimited Color Options

clutching in v▓ain for support, I pitched down t●he five-hundred yard slope an▓d splashed headfirst into a mu●ddy stream at the bottom seve

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ral ●seconds in advance of the horses. A●nother mile left me barefooted● and nearly as naked as my companion.N


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Astonish has so many incredible features that will make your site stand out above all the rest. Check them out now below.

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New Animation Engine

d when we came most unexpectedl●y to the edge of the jungle.Before ●us stretch

Multiple Sliders

ed a vast paddy field, deeply inundat▓ed.The soldiers led the way alon▓g the tops of t

One Page and Multi Page

he ridges toward a den●se grove two miles distant.The ●howling of a hundred curs h

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e foothills were less lofty t●hey were as



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View the incredible mountains of Switzerland

era▓lded our approach, and as man●y chattering humans swarmed about us when ▓we paused in a large, deep-s▓haded village at the edge of a ●river fully a mil


The vibrantly colorful frogs of Costa Rica

e wide.It c●ould be no other than the Mena▓m Chow Pya—the “great river▓” of Siam.Along the low east▓ern bank stretched a veritable ci▓ty with white, two


Travel on an exciting adventure to China

-story buildings, befor▓e which were anchored large native ●junks.It was Rehang.The soldiers to▓ld us so with shouts of joy and ran away ●to don their unifo


If you have to drive, cruise in style

rms. We threw off wh▓at was left of our garments and plunged into ●the 439stream to wash off the bloo▓d and grime of the jungle.When we had prepa▓red our

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